The Borderlands Archive is an active collection of research, mappings and contributed artifacts from the U.S.- Mexico borderlands that symbolize connection across territorial divide. Collected objects and information represent physical, social, political and environmental connections that form a counter-narrative, or collective public record about a contested space between two countries. 

My Father’s Wallet , 2020
(Specific) Location: Currently, San Francisco
Item Name: My Father’s Wallet
Description/Materials: brown leather wallet with a smiley face sticker
Date Collected: September 28, 2019
Name of Contributor/Author: Anonymous

What cross-border connection(s) does this object represent?

My father who immigrated from Colombia in the 1980s has carried this wallet in his back pocket since he arrived in the United States. After 30 years here, my father self-deported in 2019. He gave me his empty wallet to keep, which at one point carried all of the documents that marked his identity in the U.S.

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