The Borderlands Archive is an active collection of research, mappings and contributed artifacts from the U.S.- Mexico borderlands that symbolize connection across territorial divide. Collected objects and information represent physical, social, political and environmental connections that form a counter-narrative, or collective public record about a contested space between two countries. 

Otay Mesa Detention Facility Coronavirus Updates,

May 2020 - Present
June 11, 2020--
    162 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases at Otay Mesa             Detention Facility  Voice of San Diego

May 1st 2020 --
    84 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases at Otay mesa Detention Facility. Detainees report unsanitary and unsafe conditions and Inmates denied care and masks. Otay Mesa responds claiming government is underreporting cases. NBC San Diego 

CoreCivic is the private company that operates the Otay Mesa Detention facility.

June 16th 2019--
Detainee calls to immigration activists blocked 
LA Times 

June 30th 2019--
excerpt from NPR Coverage on Transparency in Private Detention Centers:
“For obvious competitive reasons, we do not as a general practice elaborate on details about our company's contractors." 

Immigrant activists say such secrecy has enabled the detention industry to grow with little oversight.

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