The Borderlands Archive is an active collection of research, mappings and contributed artifacts from the U.S.- Mexico borderlands that symbolize connection across territorial divide. Collected objects and information represent physical, social, political and environmental connections that form a counter-narrative, or collective public record about a contested space between two countries. 


Map of ICE Locations, 2020 by Agency Architecture

Border Patrol Museum Giftshop Mug
(Specific) Location: El Paso, TX | 31.772543, -106.460953.
Item Name: Customs and Border Patrol Mug
Description/Materials: Ceramic Mug Hand Crafted in America from the Border Patrol Museum in El Paso Texas.
Date Collected: June 2018
Name of Contributor/Author: Anonymous


A. What cross-border connection(s) does this object represent?

Between 2018 and 2019, the El Paso Sector of the Border Patrol saw the largest increase in apprehensions across all categories. In El Paso, the number of  ‘Unaccompanied Alien Children Apprehensions’ increased from 4,400 children in 2018, to 15,350 children in 2019 – representing a 249% increase. For the ‘Apprehension of Family Units’, the El Paso Sector saw a 1,510% increase, arresting 7,700 families in 2018 and 124,873 families in 2019. For Single Adults, the El Paso sector saw a 137% increase in apprehensions.

This mug, collected in 2018 from El Paso’s Border Patrol Museum captures a time of heightened crisis in El Paso. The situation of the Border Patrol has stark differences between its time of collection to now, causing us to focus and question the social and political events occuring just before our eyes – during the span of this project.


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