The Borderlands Archive is an active collection of research, mappings and contributed artifacts from the U.S.- Mexico borderlands that symbolize connection across territorial divide. Collected objects and information represent physical, social, political and environmental connections that form a counter-narrative, or collective public record about a contested space between two countries. 

The Borderlands Archive is an institution dedicated to documenting connections across territorial divide through the collection of contributed artifacts, photographs, maps  and research. Despite the numerous monumental attempts to divide the space between the U.S. and Mexico, the Borderlands Archive makes material and mental cross-border connections, physically present.

The BLA is a one-person organization and archive that originated as a master’s thesis at UC Berkeley. The art project has evolved from a research project to an art fellowship to a online-searchable web platform showcasing artifact contributions and research inquiries on border spaces. Research, archiving, art direction and web design by Cheyenne Concepcion.

Borderlands Archive es una institución dedicada a documentar conexiones sobre de la división territorial a través de la colección de objetos significativos. A pesar de los numerosos intentos monumentales que trata de dividir el espacio entre los Estados Unidos y México, el Archivo de Borderlands crea historias de las conexiones transfronterizas mentales y materiales en forma física.

El "BLA" explora ideas sobre lugar, pertenencia y conexiones transfronterizas a través de la recolección y preservación de objetos personales encontrados y descartados. Juntos, los objetos contribuidos formarán un archivo de historias sobre relaciones con un territorio complejo entre los dos países.

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